Велина и Йохан

Той е белгиец, а момичето е наше….но я гледаше като да е принцеса…И със сигурност тя е неговата принцеса. Вечерта преди сватбата трябваше да разпечатам клетвите, които на следващият ден ще си разменят, та имах възможност да ги прочета…и си поплаках. Толкова лични и истински обещания не бях чувала никога….


  1. It is not a secret for anyone who knows you that you are awfully clumsy! No matter how little or big disasters it might cause, your clumsiness makes me laugh. I promise you that I will not change and instead of getting annoyed I will keep laughing.

  2. I love falling asleep in your arms each night and our kiss-goodbye every morning. I will cherish and do my utter best to perpetuate these sweet affections.

  3. You are the one who taught me that love is a gift, and not an exchange instrument. Most people say “I love you” in order to hear it said back to them. You say it when you feel it and you let me receive it and enjoy it, without bonding me with a duty to give it back. I promise to give you the same gift.

  4. I promise never to leave you alone with your worries the way you never did. Every single time I came to you with something that bothered me you would never say “it’s your problem, solve it yourself”. Instead you would listen, no matter how hard it was, for example when it concerned differences between us. And my problem became your problem. The same way I will always listen and your problems will become mine too.

  5. Since we are together I’ve managed to adorn myself with a couple of new scars (due to Ikea furniture accidents or painful operations) and no matter how unpleasant those experiences were I am grateful for them, because they showed me that when I need you the most you simply wouldn’t leave my side. I promise you I will be there for you and take care of you like you are always there for me and take care of me.


1. You have taught me that openness between partners is the foundation on which a relationship is build. And only the best foundation is able to support a commitment as big and long-term as marriage. I vow to be always open to you and never keep you at a distance

2. I think you are an amazing person, full of qualities that i admire. I believe in you, not only in the person you are now but also the person that you will become. Just as I believe in us and who we will become. I vow to never stop believing in you.

3. I have always been a dreamer, half of the time absorbed by my thoughts somewhere in another better reality. The amazing thing about you is that you help me make those things real. You help me achieve my dreams, by taking care of me when I need it but even more so by kicking my butt when it’s needed. I vow to do the same for you and help you achieve your dreams.

4. For better or for worse, I promise to have your back, whether it means keeping you upright, pulling you forward or maybe even just trying to keep up with you. Whether you’re enthusiastically pursuing a passion, or desperately fighting a battle, I promise to be there for you to support and to empower you.

5 This is the only relationship i have had where I don’t just feel as 2 people being together, but already as a unit, as a family. I vow to provide for this family, not only in material goods but, more importantly, in love, affection and happiness so we will never fall short of it.

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